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What to do and not to do during an OVI DUI stop in Crawford County, Ohio

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Mr. Willison has been working as a Bucyrus Ohio OVI DUI attorney since the late 1990’s. After graduating from the Ohio State University and Capital Law School, Eric E. Willison has been defending those accused of drunk driving in Ohio since 1996. Those attorneys who are merely general practitioners of law don’t have the necessary understanding of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments to adequately defend their clients from these charges.

They have to know the Ohio Administrative Code’s requirements regarding the calibration of alcohol testing equipment in order to argue that the results of such tests should be excluded under certain circumstances. They have to have a thorough understanding of the tests created by the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration which the police and prosecutors use to establish the probable cause necessary to arrest you. They have to understand how to get Limited Driving Privileges for their clients during the pendency of the case so that their clients might not lose their jobs. Eric Willison has the experience necessary to effectively represent you against these possibly career-ending charges.

If you are looking for a Bucyrus Ohio OVI DUI Attorney, please contact Mr. Willison at 614-580-4316. Also providing DUI defense in Upper Sandusky, Ohio, Carey, Tiffin, Shelby, Galion, Cardington, Mt. Gilead, Kenton and nearby areas.

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