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What to do and not to do during an OVI DUI stop in Ohio

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Mr. Willison has been working as a Morrow County Ohio OVI DUI attorney since the late 1990’s. Eric E. Willison graduated from the Ohio State University and Capital University Law School. He has represented OVI clients in Ohio since 1996. He has the in-depth knowledge of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments necessary to defend his clients against unconstitutionally gathered evidence. He has the necessary understanding of the Ohio Administrative Code’s calibration requirements for alcohol testing equipment to determine if the test results are sufficiently reliable for admission into evidence.

He understands the National Highway Traffic and Safety Administration’s Field Sobriety Tests used by police to get probable cause to arrest you and how such results may be excluded. He has experience obtaining Limited Driving Privileges while the case is pending so that his clients can continue to drive to and from their employment. He knows how to obtain and examine all of the evidence in the possession of the prosecutor and he will share it with you as the case unfolds. When accused of drunk driving in Ohio, you want someone like Eric Willison, not a general practice attorney.

If you are looking for a Morrow County Ohio OVI DUI Attorney, please contact Mr. Willison.

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