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What to do and not to do during an OVI DUI stop in Marion County, Ohio

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Mr. Willison has been working as a Marion Ohio OVI DUI attorney since the late 1990’s. Drunk driving charges should be handled by an attorney who regularly handles such cases, not just any attorney. It is an area that requires in-depth knowledge of the Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Amendments. It also requires a thorough knowledge of the Ohio Administrative Code provisions regarding calibration of alcohol testing devices and the certification to do such testing.

The attorney needs to know the requirements for administration of the Field Sobriety Tests designed by the National Highway and Traffic Safety Administration. Knowing when and how to apply for and get limited driving privileges for a client is also very important since it can mean the difference between keeping and losing a job. The attorney needs to know how to obtain the evidence the state of Ohio has against you and how to examine it for possible issues which may weaken the state’s case. Eric E. Willison has defended those accused of drunk driving in Ohio since 1996. He is a graduate of the Ohio State University and Capital Law School.

If you are looking for a Marion Ohio OVI DUI Attorney, please contact Eric Willison, Esq. Also serving Waldo, Magnetic Springs, Caledonia, La Rue and nearby areas.

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